Car Rental In Eilat

How to explore Eilat with your Israel car rental


With so much to do and see in Eilat, renting a car makes your vacation more enjoyable. From customer service to quality cars, Hertz Israel is the choice car hire company for your Eilat vacation. 


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Many tourists prefer to leave early in the morning and return home at night after a fun-filled day. Renting a car in Eilat allows you to enjoy the day without having to drag bags from taxi to taxi or carry everything you need when you travel by foot around Eilat.

From snorkeling gear, bathing suits or clothes for a night out (or a sweater for cooler nights), to gifts you may purchase or shopping you may do, a rented car makes it easier to store your things throughout the day. Eilat’s streets offer a lot of convenient parking for rental car.
Whether you are exploring Eilat’s desert areas, enjoying the beaches, or partying in the nightlife, this is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, and Hertz Eilat car rental makes it more enjoyable. 

Whether you are traveling alone, with a partner, or with your entire family, Hertz cars-for-hire are available in various sizes for all your vacation needs. Reserve your car rental on-line or stop by our Eilat branch today. Car rental in Eilat is convenient, easy and affordable with Hertz Israel.

Please note:  Eilat Fee of $100 USD may apply under the following circumstances:
• Pick-up in Eilat and drop-off at a different destination, in less than 3 days.
• Pick-up at a different destination and drop-off in Eilat, in less than 3 days.
Eilat fee will not apply for rentals in Eilat only, or for rentals longer than 3 days.

Hertz Israel car rental helps you explore the possibilities of Eilat and its surroundings.