10 tips for car rental abroad


  1. First select the desired rental company based on criteria: service, deployment of Rental stations, which may be significant in the case of an accident or vehicle failure, there are companies that give a telephone answering service 24 hours a day, including support from Israel.
  2. Order a few weeks ahead to insure the car rental; you must consider that at any given moment anywhere in the world there are local events accruing such as: holidays, national days, exhibitions and conferences.  These events can lead to lack of available vehicles even in the market-leading companies.
  3. It is better to Book the car rental from companies in Israel then abroad since there is clear interest in selling vouchers in advance at attractive prices and thus attract more tourists at prices lower then the local rates.
  4. be sure to have a valid Israeli license (not a temporary license) for driving abroad, even though that part of the caption is in English, you will not be able to rent a car abroad, same goes for international credit cards the market leading companies require you to these assurances , in this case cash will not help.
  5. Select the type of vehicle in accordance to the type of travel, ask yourself a number of leading questions:
    - Number of passengers (don't compromise on comfort, the vehicle must be adapted, taking into account the amount of passengers sitting comfortably in a vehicle, one must consider a long and arduous travel.  
    - Amount of luggage?  Bags are not flexible so that a vehicle with a large and spacious trunk can provide the needs of your luggage, also give importance to the size of suitcases. 
    - Engine capacity may be significant in mountainous terrain so you should rent a car engine capacity of at least 1600 cc.
  6. Select the appropriate auxiliary equipment to help you on vacation: satellite navigation system that enables easy and convenient orientation in reaching the goal, which could help in saving time and fuel significantly.
  7. The winter season has adequate equipment such as: snow tires and chains, there are some places where the deep snow will make it impossible to drive in without this equipment.
  8. High importance should be given to the subject of rental insurance, renting a vehicle abroad, without insurance cancellation or alternatively co-insurance saves you the participation in the event of damage or accident.
  9. It is recommended to return the rental car at the exact time you took it, and making sure to return the fuel tank full, in order to save unnecessary unpleasantness and unnecessary charges from the rental company.
  10. Important: it is best to keep the receipt from the last fill of your gas tank, In the case of billing from the rental company - you can use the receipt records of the fill (time and date appear on the receipt).
  11. Most importantly: drive safely and comfortably –you are on vacation….