Car Rental in Tel Aviv

How to explore Tel Aviv with your Israel car rental


Famous as "the city that never stops", Tel Aviv offers around-the-clock activities, with a broad variety offered for tourists of any age. Home to most of the foreign embassies and consulates in Israel, and hosting the Ramat Gan diamond center, you'll find yourself surrounded by many languages and nationalities. And while it is the second largest city in Israel, Tel Aviv offers a break from the traditional religious and cultural activities that other cities in Israel give to tourists.  Because there is so much to do in this large city, and sites to visit are far apart, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of Israel car rental opportunities, with a car hire that will ensure your visit is more enjoyable.


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Start your visit to Tel Aviv with a trip to the Azrieli Observatory.  Located on the 49th floor of Israel’s highest building (with a covered parking lot beneath it), this experience offers a 3-D movie with a preview of Tel Aviv. Then jump into your Israel car rental for easy and expedited travel, and get ready for a variety of experiences.


Enjoy architecture?  Travel around the city (in your Hertz car rental) and view the Bauhaus building styles which secured the city as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Hertz makes it easier to travel through the city streets and photograph the buildings you love with our Tel Aviv car rental office nearby, where you can jump into a car hire and hit the road.

Enjoy culture?  Visit one of the many art, archeology or military museums in Tel Aviv.  Experience a basketball game of Maccabi Tel Aviv, where you can see how intense Israeli sports fans are. Enjoy the theater, a dance show, or other entertainment, particularly at Habimah Square, the cultural center of Tel Aviv. Don't arrive late to a show because the bus didn't come on time; that's what our Tel Aviv car rental offices are there for – to make your visit hassle-free.

Enjoy the outdoors?  Swim or surf in Tel Aviv's famous beach, or bike or stroll on its boardwalk. Most of the four and five star hotels of Tel Aviv are located along this Mediterranean coast. If you don't like getting sand between your toes, visit one of the many large national parks, which are great spots for romantic picnics or even family outings.  Parking is convenient by the beach, so car rental in Israel is a good option.

Enjoy history?  Among the museums and other historical spots in Tel Aviv, don't miss visiting the Diaspora Museum, at Tel Aviv University, and Rabin Square, where Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin was assassinated in 1995.  Throughout the city there are important historical sites to visit, so pack some food (that you can store in the car rental trunk), grab your camera, and get moving!


Enjoy the company of friends? Tel Aviv is filled with shopping and coffee houses.  In fact, Israel has more malls per capita than any other country in the world, and Tel Aviv has its good share of great shopping, with styles and products from around the world. Drive around the city in your Israel car rental to pick up friends to spend the day with.


Although it is smaller that other major cities such as New York, Tel Aviv is most competitive when the day ends and the night begins.  Its pubs and clubs have gained worldwide fame, with active partying 7 days a week.  One quick tip:  If you are driving a car hire (and particularly if you are driving a Hertz Israel car rental), have a designated driver!


Any visit to Tel Aviv wouldn't be complete without visiting the neighboring Jaffa, which is officially part of the same city but stands alone as a unique tourist experience.  Jaffa offers a special flavor to a trip to Israel, with its old port, flea markets, and fun streets through which to stroll.  It's definitely easier to get to the important sites in Jaffa with a car rental.


When you want good customer service, quality cars, and cheap car rental in Israel, visit one of our 2 car rental branches in Tel Aviv, or rent a car at Ben Gurion Airport, which is open 24/7. Hertz Israel car rental helps you explore the possibilities of Tel Aviv.