Important And Essential Information - Rental in Israel



Dear customer, We thank you for choosing to rent with Hertz .  


 Please note:

 •Hertz makes every effort to supply the rental car on arrival time, however please bear in mind that an unexpected delay may occur

• According to the Israeli law, all Israeli citizens are liable to pay 17 % VAT, including Eilat.

• Vehicles are kept for one hour after the stated arrival time – in case of airport arrivals with delays when the flight number is known to Hertz, one hour after the flight has landed and cleared.  

• The car rental is liable to a rental agreement with its conditions are the ones to be obliged.

• There may be differences in the price and rental conditions between those offered by Kesher Rent A Car Ltd and those offered on the various booking sites of Hertz or other sites where you can rent a car through Kesher Rent A Car Ltd.


Rental rates:

The rental price is determined in accordance with the rental period requested by the customer on the basis of the daily rate or the monthly rate at the time of booking. In general, the daily rate is higher than the monthly rate, and therefore, in some cases, the rental price for a period calculated on the basis of a monthly rate may be lower than the rental price for a period calculated on a daily rate basis.


Km Limit - Rental in Israel:

Km Limit : rentals between 1-12 days including up to 250 Kms per day. rentals over 12 days include up to 3,000 KM for the entire rental period. Monthly rentals include up to 3,000 kms subject to the terms of the agreement. Excess kilometers varies between vehicle types and the specified pricing. For more information, please contact the reservation center in Israel 3113*.  


Cancelation or Change of Reservation:

• Cancelation of Reservation - the reservation can be canceled, free of charge, subject to the customer giving Hertz a cancelation notice no later than two business days before the pick-up time as specified in the reservation.
The cancellation of the reservation can be made in any of the following ways: (a) by email:; (b) by phone: 1-700-507-555; (c) by fax: 08-9770876; (d) By registered mail: 26 Harokamim Street, Azrieli Complex, Holon 5885849; (e) By giving oral notice at any of Hertz's rental branches. The cancellation notice shall state the customer's name, identification number, telephone number and reservation number.
In the event of a cancellation made not within the dates stated above the customer will be charged a cancellation fee in the amount of 30$ /100 NIS in the event of the customer not arriving to pick-up the vehicle at the pick-up time specified in the order ("no-show"), the customer will be charged a cancellation fee in the amount of 60$ / 200 NIS . To the extent that the customer has provided credit card details for the purpose of the reservation, Hertz will be entitled to charge the above cancellation fee using the credit card.
Change of Reservation – the reservation can be changed by contacting Hertz reservation center by phone: 1-700-507-555. To do so, it is required to prepare in advance the following details: customer's name, identification or passport number and reservation number.


Covid instructions:

All Renters must comply with the regulations as required  by the  Israel's Ministry of Health and are updated regularly. For further information please visit: 


Upon rental you are required to present:

  •    Valid driver's license
  • International driver license is required when foreign driver license is not in Latin script
  •  Passport and or Israeli I.D and *entry permit
  •  Valid credit card in name of the rental customer only, printed in clear prominent letters (non-electronic)
  • Your credit card will serve as a deposit during the rental period, and as means of payment for said rental and additional charges, if needed
  • You must keep the permit you received at the entrance to Israel 
  • Eligibility for VAT exemption will be determined individually according to an approval received from the automatic system of VAT authorities. 
  • The rental customer's valid driver's license must be at least one year old
  • Minimal age for vehicle rental is 21 years, liable to vehicle groups and extra charge
  • From the age of 21 to the age of 23, it is possible to drive vehicles up to Group H and in addition to the X and S groups (including) with the addition of a young driver fee
  • From the age of 23 to the age of 25, it is possible to drive all groups except the following groups: G, P, W, R, Y, U, T1, T and Prestige groups
  • From the age of 25 and above, it is possible to drive all vehicle groups


Insurance definitions:

  •  CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – coverage for damage to the rental vehicle and to third party vehicle. In any case, primary policy holder's participation will apply in case of damage as determined in accordance with type of vehicle
  • TP (Theft Protection) – coverage against theft of the rental vehicle. In any case, primary policy holder's participation will apply in case of theft, as determined in accordance with type of vehicle
  • TPPD (Third party property damage)-the renter shall be required to pay a participatory fee (deductible) for third party property damage up to the amount stipulated in this regard herein. In addition, in this regard the renter shall pay to Hertz, immediately upon first demand, the full cost for all damages, losses and expenses incurred by Hertz as a result of the loss and\or damage caused to Hertz, however caused
  • Dear customer, should you choose not to purchase the CDW and TP coverage Hertz offers and rely on the coverage offered by your credit card company, we kindly request that you provide a document verifying that your credit card company provides full coverage for damage in Israel for the duration of rental in order to avoid delays at the counter Customers with coverage from a credit card company are required to present a letter/ a document from said company. The document must specify cardholder's full name, last 4 digits of the credit card, the validity of the coverage in Israel, maximum excess amount and type of protection (damage, theft or both). Please note that only coverages from credit card companies will be accepted. If the above requested document is supplied, it is still mandatory to purchase third party property damage. 


Vehicle models and groups:

• Vehicle reservations are implemented for vehicle groups only. Types of vehicle, model, engine size or size of trunk are not guaranteed.  


Forgetting Children in the car prevention system:

As of March 1, a regulation came into force according to which a child under the age of 4 may not be driven in a vehicle in which a system for preventing the forgetting of children is not installed.
Our company's rental vehicles do not have this system installed. In the event that the lessee intends to drive a child under the age of 4, he will be responsible for installing this system.
The system can be purchased at the following branches: Ben Gurion Airport, King David and Atarim subject to availability in stock and can be purchased independently. Our company doesn't rent the system.


Location Fees:

  •  Airport service fee – charged for vehicle's pick up and \ or drop-off at the airport
  • Eilat drop-off fee – a fee will be applied for one or two days rental period picked up at the Eilat station and dropped off at a different station and vice-versa
  • Dead Sea drop-off fee – A fee applies for pick-up at the Dead Sea station and drop-off at a different location and vice-versa. Kesher Rent-A-Car Ltd. – Reservation Centre 19 David Saharov St, Rishon Lzion. Tel: +972-3-6841000 E-mail: