Car Rental In Jerusalem

How to explore Jerusalem with your Israel car rental


Whether it is your first trip to Jerusalem, or you have been here many times, each visit is refreshing in one of the world's most ancient cities that's bursting with culture. And your visit can be made much more convenient with a Hertz Israel car rental.


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Today, the capital of Israel is a contrast of old and new.  The beautiful harp bridge that graces the entrance of the city reminds visitors that this ancient religious city is modern too.  Like the songs that were created and sung on King David's harp, Jerusalem inspires and offers melodies to residents and visitors, 24 hours a day.


Modern Jerusalem includes state-of-the art hotel facilities, restaurants, and shopping centers, such as the newly-built Mamilla Mall, which has all the latest fashions from around the world in clothes and jewelry.  (Note: Street parking and parking lots are plentiful around the city, making your Israel car rental experience easier.)


Jerusalem is also home to the Knesset, Israel's Parliamentary house, the Israel Museum, which houses the famed Dead Sea scrolls, and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, which performs throughout the world. Easy accessible to these sites are the 2 Hertz Israel car rental facilities in Jerusalem, where you can find cheap car hire that helps you travel around Israel's capital city.


Want a taste of yesteryear?  Stroll the ancient cobblestone paths in the Old City, reaching the Western Wall, the most religious Jewish site in the world, or visit neighborhoods such as Mea Shearim, the home of Jews who have lived in Israel for generations, and wear the garb and uphold the traditions of their ancestors. 


For a touch of Jewish history, don't miss Ir David (David's City), right outside the Old City, or a visit to the Tower of David, a museum on the history of Jerusalem, housed in an historic citadel built in the 14th century. Drive over in your Jerusalem car rental to spend time at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Museum. It is an emotional experience, but one that cannot be experienced anywhere else.


Entertain yourself at the "shuk", the Machane Yehuda outdoor market where foods and wares are being hawked amid a bustling crowd of people from around the world who have made Israel their home. Enjoy a night out on the pedestrian mall of Ben Yehuda, filled with stores, souvenir shops, and cafes. And then just a short drive away in your Israel car rental, take a romantic evening stroll on the "Tayelet", the Jerusalem promenade, which offers a stunning view of the Old City and the Dome of the Rock. 


Whatever your background or faith, you can find plenty to do in Jerusalem.  Its importance to Judaism is illustrated in the fact that synagogues around the world all conduct prayers facing this holy city.  For Christians, its significance is hosting the Last Supper and Crucifixion. And as the third holiest city for Muslims, Jerusalem houses the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque, both commemorating Mohammed's Night of Ascension.


Bring history alive, experience faith, or simply enjoy a new cultural experience as a tourist in a city that is home to three major religions of the world. Every trip to Jerusalem is too short, so save time by renting a car from Israel's expert car hire company. Hertz Israel car rental helps you explore the possibilities of Jerusalem.


As a footnote, Israel is a bustling city with a lot of congestion. Visitors often find it difficult to find a taxi when you need one, and the buses are crowded and travel on their own schedule, not yours.  There are many advantages to choosing a Jerusalem car rental experience, and today you can find that Israel car rental is affordable and customer-friendly.


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