Hertz Israel Leasing

Leasing cars for your company has many advantages over purchasing vehicles.

Whatever the size of your company, Hertz Israel can meet your leasing needs.


Some of the advantages include:


1.   Releases valuable resources for use in more important areas of your business.

2.   Selling your company’s fleet of cars releases capital for other projects.

3.   Allows more accurate long-term budgeting for the cost of your company’s cars by
      removing the uncertainty in vehicle management.

4.   Increases flexibility and allows you to increase or decrease the number of cars
      your company uses at any time.

5.   Reduces work time wasted by employees taking care of their cars.

6.   Saves the time and resources invested in buying and selling cars.

7.   Leasing reduces the costs of buying and servicing cars.

8.   Our local area managers can use their professional expertise to create
      arrangements that specifically meet your needs.
9.   We offer a mini-leasing program for maximum flexibility.
10. Consultations and personal assistance from the Regional Sales Director.
11. From the date you purchase a car leasing plan until you receive the leased car, 
       we provide a rental car at the same low leasing cost.


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