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How to explore Haifa with your Israel car rental


Traveling around Haifa is easiest with a car hire, which will enable you to plan your own schedule and see all the fascinating sites the city has to offer.  As the third largest city in the country, there are many exciting activities to do, but located in different neighborhoods. Stop by Hertz's Haifa car rental office, or pick up a car in one of other car rental branches around Israel, including 2 Tel Aviv car rental offices (Haifa is located 90 kilometers north) and 2 Jerusalem car rental offices. With your car keys in hand, get ready to explore!


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In the early records of Haifa, it was known as a center of glass and dye-making (the Talmud mentions that the shellfish from which the purple dye for the tallit/prayer shawl was made came from the coast around this area), and today it still plays a strong role as an economic hub in Israel.  But this leading port city stands out today as a place where Jews, Muslims and Christians live and work well with each other.  Beyond the co-existence, Haifa is a beautiful city to visit, and to drive around in (another reason to rent a car in Israel!).  Because it sits at the foot of Mount Carmel, it is one of the greener areas of Israel.

If you rent a car in Israel, on the way in or out of Haifa, don't miss the great hikes in the nature reserve just outside the city or pamper yourself at the famed Carmel Spa. And if you arrived to the city by bus or car, consider stopping by a Haifa car rental office to hire a car to easily reach some amazing sites, including:


  • The Bahai World Center and Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Elijah's cave and Mt. Carmel, where the prophet Elijah challenged the pagan priests of Ba'al.
  • Ein Hod Artist Colony
  • Mount Carmel National Park, which are home to the caves where remains of Neanderthals and early homo sapiens have been found.
  • The Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum, which has a lot of parking outside, and where you can board the Af-Al-Pi ship, which is renowned for having ran the British blockade.
  • For those who like the sea, the National Maritime Museum chronicles over 5,000 years of maritime history.
  • The Pre-History Museum, adjacent to the Haifa Zoo, offers archaeological finds from the Carmel and northern Israel, as well as historical information about the life of Prehistoric Man in this region.
  • You can drive your car rental to the Railway Museum to explore a collection of train memorabilia and restored locomotives and coaches.


For an outdoors experience, park your car rental by the Bat Galim Promenade and take a walking tour of this beachfront neighborhood.  Here you can hop onto the famous Haifa Cable Car, an exciting aerial tour conducted in three connecting transparent balls that go up and down the Carmel Mountain.  Or climb aboard the Carmelit, a ship that will take you on a relaxing cruise around the Haifa Bay. And make sure to set aside some time for the most beautiful beaches in Haifa, with its blue sea and golden sand.

There is truly so much to do in Haifa, and you don't want to waste your time climbing on buses or trying to find a taxi. When you want cheap car rental in Israel, visit our car hire office in Haifa, or stop by our Ben Gurion Airport car rental office, which is open 24/7. Hertz Israel car rental helps you explore the possibilities of Haifa.