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Kesher Rent a Car's Privacy Policy

Your privacy: At Kesher Rent a Car (hereinafter also: "Hertz" or "Hertz Israel") we respect
your privacy and are committed to protect the personal data we hold about you. This policy
explains the type of data we collect about you, how we collect it, the measures we take to
keep your data secured, and the uses we make of it. We also describe the possibilities
available to you regarding your personal data. When you request services from us, you agree
that we shall collect, keep and use your personal data in the manner described in this policy
and agree to the risks described under the security clause. You may concisely examine the

key issues by reading this summary page


Contact us: we hope that this policy answers your questions regarding the collection and the
use we make of your personal data. If it does not, or if you have other questions, please
contact us according to the instructions indicated in the full privacy policy.
Hertz Israel's Privacy Policy

Your privacy
We respect your privacy and are committed to protect the personal data we keep about
you. The policy explain the type of data we collect about you, how we collect it, the
measures we take to keep your data secured, and the uses we make of it. We also describe
the possibilities available to you regarding your personal data.
When you request us to provide you services, you agree that we shall collect, keep and use
your personal data in the manner described in this policy and agree to the risks described
under the security clause.

This policy covers the personal data we collect about you for our car and equipment rental
businesses. This policy does not handle data that does not personally identify you, such as
aggregate anonymous data. We are free to use non-personal data as we wish.

Who we are
Kesher Rent a Car was founded in 1985 and has since then been the Israeli franchiser of
global Hertz providing car rental services in Israel and abroad.
Owned by Mayer's Cars & Trucks Co. Ltd., the largest vehicle group in Israel, the company
imports Volvo, Honda and Jaguar vehicles as well as trucks and heavy-duty equipment.
Subsidiaries: Kesher Rent a Car owns Auto Center that deals with selling used cars and tradein.
In addition, the company holds Kesher Leasing Individuals which operates leasing services
and 50% of the shares of Operate Lease Ltd., which also operates extensive services for its
clients in the area of operational leasing.

Legal issues
We operate according to the laws of the State of Israel and strive to comply with all the
privacy laws applicable to the personal data we collect and use.

We may change this policy from time to time. If we act that way, the amended policy will
apply when we post it on our website. We shall amend the "recently published" notice on
the first page of this policy every time we make a change.
If any change results in this policy protecting your personal data to a lesser degree, it shall
not apply to any data we collected about you before the change was made. The only
exception in this regard shall be if we notified you of the changes and gave you an
opportunity not to apply them to your personal data.

We collect a range of data about you from variety of sources for the purposes of our
business. The examples we provide herein are for clarification purposes only and do not
constitute a full list of the ways in which we operate.
What we collect
We collect data we need to provide the services you requested from us, and this data may
• Name, address and contact details, including telephone number and e-mail address;
• Date of birth, passport number, I.D. number, driving license number and Hertz club
• Employer details;
• Flight details;
• Credit card details;
• Data about Frequent Flyer program and other members' benefits;
• Affiliation to associations and organization;
• Collection of documents we require for VAT incentive by virtue of the law, such as
data about entry visas to Israel etc.
We may collect personal data which is considered sensitive data such as data regarding
your health. If you request us to take consideration of any disability or if an accident
takes place and we are required to work with insurance and claim management
companies in connection with any injury you may sustain, we may be required to
process data regarding your health.
Please note that if you are interested to use our rental services and be required to
provide sensitive data, you agree that this data shall be collected, used and disclosed
for the purpose of our operational uses
. We shall not use sensitive data about you for
marketing purposes.

We collect personal data directly from you at the time of placing an order or renting a car,
including information that you provide:
• During your conversation with our reservation centers;
• On our websites;
• At the rental location; and
• When you join membership programs, such as Diamond.
We also collect personal data about you from a variety of other sources, including:
• Reservations you made through related companies, travel agents or other agents;
• Transactions you made with us and with related companies, including the choices
you made, charges imposed on you and all the events or accidents that took place;
• Other companies that have business relationship with us, such as Hertz owned
companies and our business partners.

Using data and disclosure to other entities
We work with related companies around the world in order to provide you the services you
request (such as global Hertz and its various franchisers and suppliers). These are
independent companies which are not under our ownership or control and therefore, this
policy does not apply to them. However, in order for you to receive the best service, we
need to disclose the personal data we collected from you to these parties, including
forwarding the data abroad, when this is required.

Therefore, by using our rental services you agree that we shall collect personal data about
you and disclose it to other entities, including outside Israel, provided that this is required
for the service you requested and in view of the purposes specified in this document.
You are under no legal obligation to provide the data and you agree to provide the
personal data about you out of your free will.

When such data is disclosed to other entities for the purpose of receiving services from
them, the privacy laws in the target country shall apply as well as the privacy policy of the
data recipient rather than the rules stated in this policy.

Our websites
We use certain technologies on our Internet websites to collect data about your visit in the
site, as follows:

"Cookies" is a set of details sent to your computer from our Internet server to allow the
server to identify your computer.
 Cookies help us improve the quality of your visits in our websites by making the order
process faster and fault-free. The information they provide helps us develop contents and
characterizations we believe are beneficial to you.
We use Cookies to:
• Follow the way you use our websites in the course of a certain visit remembering
the details you provide and the choices you make as you go from one page to the
next (hereinafter: "Session Cookies"); and
• Identify you in your next visit (hereinafter: "Persistent Cookies").

More about Cookies

We use third party cookies, such as Google Analytics and Facebook. For more information about these cookies please see


By adjusting your browser or installing particular software, you may limit the use we make of
Cookies. If you do that, you should be aware of the following:

• If you limit the use we make of Session Cookies, you will not be able to use our
websites or certain characteristics of our e-mail notices. You should be aware that
Session Cookies are usually deleted or unavailable to use once you close your
• If you limit the use we make of Persistent Cookies, you will nevertheless be able to
enjoy full functionality of our websites and e-mail notices but you will be required to
enter certain details every time you revisit the website. While Persistent Cookies are
not automatically deleted and are still available after the browser is closed, they will
typically "expire" after several years.
If you are still uncertain about Cookies, please note that the details comprising our
Cookies are normally meaningless to anyone else. In addition, Cookies are unable to
reconstruct data from the hard disk of your computer or transfer computer viruses.

Pixel tags
In addition, we may use Pixel tags or similar technologies which allow us to follow your
actions as a user on our websites or as a recipient of our e-mail messages.
Pixel tags are used to collect anonymous data to help us determine popular destinations,
average rent prices, conversion and quotation rates, clicking and other information for the
purpose of improving our service. We also use them to identify which online advertizing or
e-mails attracted clients to our websites.

Other companies' websites
Our websites and e-mail notices may contain links to websites operated by other companies.
You should be aware that collecting and using the data you provide in these websites will be
subject to the privacy policy of the company providing the website rather than our policy.

We try to ensure that the personal data we retain about you will be securely stored and will
be as accurate, current and complete as necessary for the purposes we use it.

We generally retain personal data about our clients for as long as we believe that it is
suitable for the purposes for which it was collected or as long as it is required under the
applicable law.
Our central databases for storing the personal data we collect are located on the company's
servers in Israel. However, we will transfer data abroad to our business partners and to
various service providers in the target countries and in other countries where our suppliers
process the data about you in order to provide you with services.

As you may know, there is no completely secure method for transmit or store data. Despite
of their different physical characteristics, mail, telephone conversations, faxes and Internet
transmissions may be exposed to loss, misrouting, interception, and misuse of data that is
We strive to keep adequate physical, procedural and electronic security measures for the
purpose of protecting your personal data, including:
• Limiting our employees' access to personal data;
• Enforcing policy and processes in respect of our employees during their work with
personal data; and
• Using technologies designed to protect the data when it is transmitted, including SSL

 in respect of data you provide on our websites.
If you have a reason to believe that one of your accounts with us is no longer secured, you
must contact us immediately according to the instructions specified at the end of this policy.

Communication security
We strive to balance securing your data with your convenience. As a result, we may
occasionally use a communication method which is less secure than the less convenient
For instance, we will send you an e-mail in a non-encrypted way (namely, an e-mail which is
immediately readable) since many of our clients do not have access to encrypted e-mails.
This means that if our e-mail has been intercepted or wrongly routed, it can be read more
easily than encrypted e-mail. That being the case, please refrain from including confidential
data, such as your customer club number or credit card number, in e-mails you send us.
In order to use a more secured way to communicate with us through the Internet, please
contact us through one of the ways indicated hereunder.


1 More about SSL encryption…
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer encryption. We use this protection for the data you provide
on our websites. SSL encryption is designed to ensure that you are the one who send the data to
Hertz and that no one else can read or disrupt it during transmission. When you are required to
provide us with your personal data on our websites, you may see that our website's "http"
address is changed to "https" the "s" indicating that the website is secured for the purpose of
transferring data. You may also see on the screen an icon of a closed lock indicating too that the
website is secured.


You may access and examine your personal data and correct factual errors in the following
• If you are a member of one of the membership programs of Hertz Israel or global
Hertz, you may update your member profile on the section dedicated to the club on
the website of Hertz Israel or global Hertz
• If you are not a member of Hertz' membership programs, or your interest is broader
than your membership details, or if you wish that we delete some of your personal
details, please contact us through one of the ways indicated hereunder.
In order to protect your privacy and personal data, we shall take several steps to verify your
identity before you receive access or are able to make corrections in the data we save about

By making a reservation with us, you consent to our use and disclosure of your personal data
for the operational uses listed hereunder. We shall also wish to use your data for our
marketing purposes.

Operational uses
The examples provided below are illustrative and not a complete list of our practices:

Providing services
In order to provide you with services we shall use your personal data and occasionally
forward it to related companies and to our suppliers in Israel and abroad, inter alia, in order
• Make your rental reservation;
• Process your rental transactions;
• Provide you with enhanced rental services that include our customers clubs benefits
and similar services;
• Provide you with customers services;
• Bill and collect the amounts due to us for your rentals;
• Conversion of traffic reports;
• Mailing;
• Marketing and customer retention;
• Customer satisfaction study and market survey to help us improve our services.

Disclosure to companies you use
We shall also share your information with companies you use in connection with your rental,
• Your credit card provider and other companies processing your charges;
• Any company or organization that pay your rental payments;
• Any agent you use, such as a travel agency or agent, in connection with any aspect
of your rental; and
• Any operator of a member program to which you are entitled for the purpose of
renting from us, such as Frequent Flier program.

Protective and legal uses
We may use and disclose your personal data, as we see fit, under the applicable law, in
order to protect our business. For instance, we may share your personal data with certain
organizations, such as debt collection agencies or report conversion companies, in order to
enforce the rental agreement and recover all the funds due to us.
In addition, we are entitled to share your personal data due to legal reasons, including:
• Cooperation with the law enforcement authorities, for the purpose of identification
of people who may be involved with illegal activity.
• Response to governmental and administrative entities in connection with charges
arising during rental, such as parking or traffic tickets and fees; and
• Compliance with the applicable law.


Disclosure to our agents
We may use other companies as our agents to act on our behalf and help us in the
management of our business and in performing services for us, under our supervision. These
services may include hosting of certain websites or databases, launching special offers for
us, sending marketing communications, performing data analysis and management of
customer satisfaction and other surveys. We will request our agents to maintain adequate
security standards in order to protect your personal data and to use it solely for the needs
that we shall determine.

Disclosure for corporate transactions
We may disclose your personal data to other companies in connection with the sale, merger
or transfer of one of our businesses in order to allow the other company to decide whether
to proceed with the transaction. If the transaction is completed, the company shall be
required to maintain the relevant provisions of this policy regarding the data collected about


Marketing uses
We may accumulate your personal data and use it to develop focused marketing programs
and service offers we believe shall benefit you. Therefore, your details shall be used by Hertz
and its related companies for the purpose of sending marketing and advertising materials,
service offers, inclusion in special offers, benefits, various notices, surveys etc., using all
communication means, including e-mail, SMS, automatic dial system, fax or mail. You may
inform us at any time that you are not interested to receive marketing materials.


Hertz program members
Gold Plus Rewards
If you are a member of global Hertz' Gold Plus Rewards or of a similar program, you made
some marketing choices when you enrolled. These choices are now listed on your profile on
global Hertz' website. You may examine and amend your choices by accessing your profile in
the section dedicated to Gold Plus Rewards on global Hertz' website (in
which case the rules of global Hertz shall apply rather than the rules of this policy).

Diamond Club
If you are a member of Diamond Club, the regulations set out in Hertz Israel's website shall

If you are not a member of any of our programs, you may register on Gold Plus Rewards on
global Hertz' website (in which case the rules of global Hertz shall apply
rather than the rules of this policy) and to Diamond Club through Hertz Israel's website

Other issues
• If you choose not to receive any marketing communications, we shall always follow
your last choice. While we strive to process your choices immediately, you may still
receive marketing communications that had been sent before we received your
request to cancel the registration;
• If your contact details change, please update your personal profile on the club
website. We shall continue to send you communications to the last address you

Contact us
We hope that this policy answers your questions regarding the collection and the use we
make of your personal data. If you have any further questions or if you wish to contact us for 

a specific purpose, please contact us through one of the following means of communication:

Kesher Rent a Car
4 Lev Pesah, Northern Industrial Area, Lod, 71101
Tel: *3113 E-mail: